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December 30, 2016

Food for Life Global, the world’s largest food relief network has partnered with Art for Food Auction House in Ljubljana to bring together certificated original art pieces of great masters, including Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Francis Bacon, Anthony VAN DYCK, Gottfried Murbach, Zoran Mušič and Sir Joshua Reynolds to raise funds for the non-profit in an exclusive online auction.

Director of the charity, Paul Rodney Turner said, “By combing the powerful voice of art and the culture of caring through humanitarian aid, we want to raise social awareness around the need to totally eradicate world hunger.”

“This is the world’s first online auction house to directly impact world hunger through funding a measurable number of freshly prepared plant-based meals for those in need,” explained Turner.

The non-profit consisting of 210 projects in 60 countries recently served its 4 billionth meal.

Leon Pogelšek, General Manager and Co-founder of the Art for food Auction house said, “every masterpiece sold will allocate a sale percentage ranging from 15-75% to benefit Food for Life Global and it’s nutritious meal distribution around the world.“

“Food for Life Global can feed 5 children with every dollar donated, so the impact can be enormous,” Pogelšek explained.

These certified masterpieces are invaluable: on one hand it is a connection to world culture and on the other hand, through collaborating with Food for Life Global they will be topped up with gratitude of the people that will get access to the warm meals cooked and served to them with love by our volunteers.

This exclusive event ends on January 8, 2017.

To access this online auction of 33 masterpieces benefiting hungry children around the world, please visit

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